ART BIO MATTERS 2021 - A Virtual Conference: αιτήσεις εγγραφής. Υποβολή περιλήψεων:14/06/2021

ART BIO MATTERS 2021 - A Virtual Conference

September 22-24, 2021

Hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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ABM Virtual Conference Details

Art Bio Matters (ABM) 2021 is a small-scale virtual conference (75 participants) whose unique format requires active discussion and participation among all attendees. The meeting consists of six sessions interspersed over three half days (September 22, 23, 24, 2021). One session will feature a Business Meeting, which will be critical in forming the framework for the future of the ABM community, website, and online forum. Submitted abstracts for oral team presentations will be given by 2 or 3 presenters, one from science and the other(s) from conservation, cultural history or curatorial. This year, virtual posters will also be selected via abstract submission and are to be presented by one author/representative on behalf of a team, regarding a topic or project that encompasses any of the three core ABM disciplines. Complete presentations and posters will be pre-recorded and viewed by participants prior to the virtual meeting, reserving the live meeting for in-depth discussion. The sessions will be interspersed with moderated conversations among small breakout groups in order to foster discussion, networking, close inquiry, and brainstorming. Every participant should feel comfortable expressing their interests and asking questions without prejudice, while listening and being respectful of disparate viewpoints. To ensure a successful virtual conference, participants must be willing to personally enter into active discussions and promote future work investigating these research directions.


The composition of the meeting requires equal representation of conservators, cultural historians/ curators, and scientists. All presenters and participants must "Apply to Register."A Steering Committee made up of representatives from science, curatorial/cultural history, and conservation will select participants to achieve a balance of disciplines.



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Art Bio Matters aims to provide a stimulating forum in which to explore current and new directions in the study of biological materials found in cultural heritage collections through a biannual meeting and a dedicated website. Focusing on advanced scientific approaches (DNA, mass spectrometry, antibody-based techniques, and others), ABM is a community that encourages discussion of research at any stage of completion among a balanced community of experts in a format designed to promote collegial dialogue and debate. While the core disciplines of ABM are science, curatorial/cultural history, and conservation, ABM welcomes other allied stakeholders involved in cultural heritage studies.