webinar μέσω zoom: Art Travels: Standards, Technology and Debates in the Role of Art Courier, 08/06/2021

Art Travels: Standards, Technology and Debates in the Role of Art Courier

This webinar explores the impacts of the pandemic on couriers in the exhibitions industry. Prior to 2020, many loans and exhibition tours required couriers to travel with the objects in order to ensure that the transport and installation followed the lender’s standards. Due to the issues that arose for travelling during the pandemic including quarantine requirements and cancelled flights, many installations were conducted over video and artworks travelled with what some have come to call “virtual couriers”.

Is this a lasting change? What are the benefits of using technology for monitoring artwork travel, versus requiring a museum or collection representative to make the journey? Join this expert panel as we debate the environmental, technological and conservational concerns plus what we see for the future of couriering.


John Thomas Robinette - Art & Artifacts, Collections Management
Mackenzie Garrity - Chief Commercial Officer, Articheck
Clare Mitchell - Director, Mitchell Heritage Limited

ημερομηνία webinar: 8 Ιουνίου 2021
ώρα Ελλάδος: 7 το απόγευμα
εγγραφές: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4316225560487/WN_nUCWyG3YQQyq7dsNn9Z7zA