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CALL FOR PAPERS I International Meeting: "Plastics in Peril: care and conservation of plastics in museums collections"

March, 16-17th, 2020, University of Cambridge, UK.

"The University of Cambridge Museums is hosting a 2-day international meeting on conservation of plastics. We warmly invite submissions for presentations and posters on this subject.
The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum to discuss real-life approaches to plastics in museums and share experiences that will be useful to others with similar objects.
We particularly welcome proposals dealing with practical solutions for conserving and caring for plastic heritage, including identification, remedial treatments, preventive measures and management of whole collections.
We are also especially keen to hear from colleagues
working with plastic materials in scientific, industrial and social
history collections, including mass produced items"

Please submit your abstract of no more than 500 words to Sophie Rowe at by 30th September 2019.