July online professional development at MuseumStudy.com, έναρξη 05/07/2021

Keeping Historic Houses & Museums Clean
4 week online course
begins July 5

An unkempt museum or historic house is not appealing to the visitor nor is it healthy for the staff and collection. In this 4 week online professional development course instructor Gretchen Anderson will lay a foundation as to how to clean objects and facilities safely. We will explore a variety of subjects, including health and safety for the staff and the objects, cleaning methods for a large variety of collection types common in art & cultural institutions and the importance of documenting what you do.
One former participant said, "This class was so helpful! This was such a great resource! For the first time since I started working here, my staff really seems to understand why I ask them to do what we do. It has really been the start of some great conversations on site and we will 100% use the techniques learned."
Cleaning and sterilizing the museum is in the news these days. Once we get back in to our museums and historic houses we will need to be extra careful. Please join us for this timely class to look at methods to protect both the collection and your visitors.
For more information: https://www.museumstudy.com/keeping-historic-houses-and-museums-clean

Decolonizing Museums in Practice
course begins July 5
(only 2 spots left)

Articles about decolonizing museums are everywhere these days, but what does this actually mean in practice for museum professionals?
Join Laura Phillips, Heather George, and Nathan Sentance for this course where we will focus on looking critically at how museum professionals can activate decolonial ways of thinking in their own work environment, and in their day to day life.
We will investigate how the words of contemporary Indigenous scholars and curators can be put into practice to promote practices that de-centre the subtle (and not so subtle) colonial ways of thinking that surround us every day.
The text book can take a while to arrive so make sure to order it well in advance if you can not find it locally. This course fills early, but runs multiple times a year.
For more information: https://www.museumstudy.com/decolonizing-museums-in-practice

Creating Virtual Learning Opportunities in Museums
course begins July 5 **NEW COURSE**

Join us for this new course born out of the challenges we all encountered this last year.
Creating Virtual Learning Opportunities in Museums will cover creating both synchronous and asynchronous programs, connecting with teachers, and some technical skills to ensure that you can support teachers and students virtually as they learn from you and your museum. By the end of the course, participants will have built several different virtual education programs that will be ready to use.
Participants will create at least 3 different virtual museum education program and learn to use technology tools and build skills to help them develop additional virtual learning opportunities.
For more information: https://www.museumstudy.com/creating-virtual-learning-opportunities-in-m...

Policies for Managing Collections
4 week online course
begins July 5

Join instructor John Simmons author of Things Great and Small: Collections Management Policies for the course Policies for Managing Collections. Participants in the course can purchase the Second Edition of the book at a discount. In this course we will critically examine the purposes and functions of collections management policies, including how collections are defined, acquired, managed, used, maintained, and deaccessioned.
For more information: https://www.museumstudy.com/policies-for-managing-collections
John Simmons has also developed a free board game as a compliment to the book. It is called Monopolicy the Collections Management Policy Game. You can read more about it and download it from: https://www.museumstudy.com/monopolicy