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Rights & Reproductions 1: Intro to IP and Licensing Best Practices
4 week online course begins Sept 6 on MuseumStudy.com
The management and dissemination of the Intellectual Property (IP) assets maintained by cultural institutions is a key responsibility of
collections care. Join Anne M. Young editor of Rights & Reproductions:The Handbook for Cultural Institutions for the four week online course. You will receive a broad overview to the key functions of a rights and reproductions specialist at a cultural institution.
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Participants in the course will get a discount code to use ordering the book. Keep in mind that you need to order the book in advance to have it for the start of the course.

Moving Museum Collections
4 week online course begins Sept 6 on MuseumStudy.com
Are you planning a remodel, new storage, or a new building and will need to move all or part of your collection? Don't wait until the last
minute. Join Instructor Lori Benson, veteran of three large scale museum collection moves. This course provides an overview of how to plan and manage a move to avoid the many pitfalls. The course will help you define the scope of your project, develop a work plan and schedule, prepare a communication scheme, define proposals for vendors, choose equipment, estimate costs,
identify hazards, organize staffing, and establish packing techniques and standards. Whether you are moving across the hall or across town, Moving Museum Collections will provide a guide for a successful move.
For more information visit https://www.museumstudy.com/moving-museum-collections

Decolonizing Museums in Practice
8 week online course begins Oct 4 on MuseumStudy.com
Articles about decolonizing museums are everywhere these days, but what does this actually mean in practice for museum professionals?
Join Laura Phillips, Heather George, and Nathan Sentance for this course where we will focus on looking critically at how museum professionals can activate decolonial ways of thinking in their own work environment, and in their day to day life. We will investigate how the words of contemporary Indigenous scholars and curators can be put into practice to promote practices that de-centre the subtle (and not so subtle) colonial ways of thinking that surround us every day. The text book can take a while to arrive so make sure to order it well in advance if you can not find it locally. This course fills early, registration is now open for the October/November course.
For more information visit https://www.museumstudy.com/decolonizing-museums-in-practice