CALL FOR PAPERS-Conservation Update 1/2024, "Collection storage- issues on environmental parameters"

Dear colleagues,
I am writing on behalf of co-editor Marta Soliva Sanchez, regarding the next issue of "Conservation Update" the online publication or ERC (European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation- Restoration)
We have chosen for the next issue, the first of 2024, the subject of "Collection storage- issues on environmental parameters". The scope of this issue is to address the conservation issues regarding storage solutions, housing methodologies and current practices for books and paper-related materials, which ensure the objective of environmental parameters in a sustainable manner. We are welcoming papers that provide new research that can challenge traditional views of preventive conservation.
The deadline for the submission of abstracts is November 15th and for the final submission of the articles it is December 10th.
We are also extending our call for papers to include as many colleagues as possible, in order to have a diverse and interesting issue. Feel free to distribute this to your respective countries' contacts.

Best wishes,
Manto Sotiropoulou
Marta Soliva Sanchez